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To whom this may concern. I have just received the replica watches sale I ordered from you, and it is not the one yousold it to me as. It doesn't have replica watches logo engraved on the inside of the bezel as said, it is also very clear in the picture of the replica watches also has the old clasp and not the 2008 one as described in the advert for it. Why would you sell a replica watches sale as one thing then delivery another replica watches sale. I'm extremely unhappy. After expecting the replica watches further I would like a full refund. You have sold me something that you have not delivered. I ordered a 2008 exact replica of cheap replica watches. And you have delivered a terrible replica watches sale, excluding details you sold it as. In all fairness I appreciate that, but it still leaves me out of pocket and with cheap replica watches that I wouldn't wear if you paid me. So basically it is going to be thrown away. I will take either a full refund, or a good standard of replica watches. I was going to order more replica watches but not after the replica watches sale recieved.

Can the 2371 come with a steel band instead of pink leather? I am looking for a steel ban women's replica watches sale. Do you have anything like that ? I prefer smaller sizes. 36mm is too big. 36mm seems so big to me looks like a mens model. Do you have any of the watches 3926, 3929, 3919, 3923 in smaller size ? 36mm is enormous is bigger than my wrist help me find a smaller size ? Now that you know the type of cheap replica watches I am looking for can you help me find a size not bigger than 28/30 mm ? I have tried that but it will not work and it also stops between 2 and 3 am every day. I have to adjust the time and it works fine until (2am-3am) when it stops again the date is stuck between the 23rd and the 24th. I think there is something wrong with the cheap replica watches and they need replacing please.

The numerals on the cheap replica watches face are falling off. The 3,6 and 8 so far (iii, vi, viii) and I've only had it two months. What can I do as they are loose inside the glass? Does the glass come off or will the back open so I can release the fallen digits. What about a refund as the replica watches sale looks very poor now? I have got the replica watches sale but you have done it again and sent me a quartz one and it specifies in your listings as automatic with a screw in crown as that is what I want and what I ordered in the first place. Plus this one has got silver sub dials and not black ones as you stated on your email. If this cannot be resolved quickly I shall be requesting a refund through the proper channels.